Soliciting Beta Testers

Posted 2007

Purpose of this site:

  • To enhance communication among TAT members and groups


  • Portal and easy access (links) to other Albigen sites on the web (yours)
  • Contact and meeting information for Albigen working groups
  • Area for regular columns (blogs) by invited writers (that means you)
  • Area for Forums on various topics of interest

Testing is still in progress but you can help by providing some initial content. Please let me know if you would be willing to:

  • Write a regular or semi-regular column (blog) for the site
  • Moderate, prime the pump, or otherwise stir discussion in a forum – on the topic of your choice

If you’re interested, just register, using the link at upper right. You’ll need a valid email address, and a login name. Be aware that the “real name” the system asks for should be your pseudonym if you wish to use one for the site. I should be able to recognize you by your email address – otherwise, just let me know who you are after you register: manager at

There’s more detail on the “About This Site” menu choice under “Home and About” in the top menu.

Thanks very much.